Viewing at Kennels and Cattery

Showing people around our kennels is always a pleasure. Our viewing times are Mon to Sat between 9:30am - 11:30am . This is based around our walking routine, although we would welcome a new customer to view at any time, we just don't like to disturb the dogs in the afternoons when they are sleeping.

You don't need an appointment to view our kennels,  but you might want to in case it's one of those very busy days. The dogs in our care are our priority and their welfare is what matters to us.

Please note that due to it being  a very busy period, we stop viewings during school and bank holidays. We would like to welcome you back to have a look around and a chat outside these holidays Mon to Sat between 9:30-11:30.

Please do not bring your dog along for the viewing and if you bring any children, please, make sure they are attended at all times and they do not try to put their hands through the doors.

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